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Affiliate feeds for Joomla


  • Import XML or CSV product datafeed into Joomla
  • Suitable for any currency, for example £ € $ etc.
  • Search engine friendly links
  • Each feed can be pre-processed before importing, rewriting data
  • Automatic cron imports
  • Automatic purge of old items
  • Cloacked links
  • free

Get started using the full install.

The fastest way to get started and learn about the use and configuration of the component is to download the complete joomla install including the component. Depending on your experience creating a database and installing joomla it might take less then 10 minutes. more

Get started using the component only.

Joomla already up and running? Install the component. more

The Power of this component

A extremely powerful part of this component is the usage of import-filters  called 'callback' functions. These functions allow for manipulating the data before it's inserted into the database. Common problems in datafeeds are the variety in spelling of items ( TV - Television) and single plural ( T-Shirt - T-shirts). Import-filters functions can solve this.

System Requirements

The component has the same system requirements as joomla, in addition it requires curl or the php setting allow_url_fopen set on (prefered). The component is tested against the latest version of joomla 1.5 and 1.7

Some hosts prevent outgoing http request, this is a showstopper. There is a simple test script to test the basics:, put the containing php script on your server and load it.

For importing large feeds access to the command line version of php is recommended.

Old versions of mysql ( < 4.1.2) will not support database collation, this might result in problems with special characters.