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Display Pinterest Images In Joomla

This simple joomla extension displays  pinterest images from  the RSS feed from

Either all pins or just a boards pins can be shown.



  • The layout is very basic, to customize simple copy the file mod_rsspins/tmpl/default.php to mod_rsspins/tmpl/<yourname>.php or use joomla's template override.
  • CSS should be added to the templates CSS files.
  • The RSS feed from pinterest provides  rather small fixed width images, the height varies. Optionally you can use a thumb script to resize the images.
  • With the option 'Fetch large image' the module shows the large images from pinterest. The large image url is created from the thumbs url based on the current naming convention.
  • Please use caching, the module caches by default.

 Feedback and feature request are welcome