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Show single menu levels

The 'normal' mod_datemenu menus show a hierarchical structure of categories based on the settings of he component joomla menu

This layout shows just a single level, for example just 'menu level 3'. This layout can be usefull to show the list of feeds/merchants (See 'AANBIEDERS REIZEN'). Or a list of gender (voor wie)

{include_code_listing /var/www/}


Put the file as singlelevel_custom.php in modules/mod_datamenu/tmpl, and create a add a module mod_datamenu usuing this layout. In the field levels enter the desired 'menu level' from the components configuration. So if you placed the merchant/feed in 'menu level 8' enter 8.

The levels do not refer to the 'Selectx' fields in the feeds configuration. A field must be in components menu configuration