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Either use the component to add the com_datafeeds to your existing joomla site or use the full installer  this is  a complete joomla website including the component and examples. You can not use the full installer on an existing site! Please select the correct download


After installation click on the import link in the installation report (component installation) or go to the datafeeds section and hit the import link.  You should get a page with progress bars. Watch the lines with 'xxx items in database'  these should go up.

Common problems preventing import are

  • high server load,
  • no write permission for JOOMLA-ROOT/administrator/cache 
  • server limitations on external http requests.

When using the full joomla install the site should now be up and running including menus

If you installed only the component you will need to create a new joomla-menu and a new mod_datamenu module 

Create a menu for the component using the 'menus' section of your joomla administrator. Leave the right site blank for now, just enter the title page on the left site.

Create a module using the extension -> module-manager of joomla. Use 'datamenu', leave the right side as is for now just enter the appropriate title and module position on the left side.