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Infinite scroll for datafeeds

10 years 2 months ago - 10 years 1 month ago #3085 by redactie
I created an infinete scroll based on

the setup is based on the protostar template of joomla
  1. unpack the zip

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  2. copy the javascript to /templates/protostar/js
  3. copy the php to /templates/protostar/html/com_datafeeds/items
  4. enable the option

  5. if you use a different template adjust the hardcoded path
  6. if you want to use it with a different template the changes are at the bottom REPLACED a bit of code and ADDED some
  7. the changes to the original javascript are minor so all parameters and settings described on the github site are valid except for the path parameter. that one must be
  8. if you want to use the script on a different component for example content pages you must adjust the path variable autodetection will not work

the pudding :
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