Customizing the component and module


the file .../components/com_datafeeds/assets/datafeeds.css contains the css used for the component and the module. Changing this file is not recommended the file is overwritten during every upgrade. Add any changes to your templates css. ( Where the css of your template reside depends on your template, for example .../templates/YOUR TEMPLATE/css/style.css )

Changing the layout's

template specific

Joomla provides a mechanism to change the layout for every component and module for a specific template: template override Simply copy



.../templates/YOUR TEMPLATE/html/com_datafeeds/items/




.../templates/YOUR TEMPLATE/html/mod_datamenu/

and modify the copies file.

adding a custom module layout

In modules/mod_datamenu/tmpl copy a layout you want to modify; for example top5table_list.php to top5div_list.php. In the file change the name of the function to match the new file name, in this case Datatop5div_listMenu.

There are three flavours of module layout, based on the file name the dataitems array has different content:

  • for files ending with _list.php the dataitems is a  list of items based on the settings.
  • for files ending with _custom.php dataitems is empty
  • for all other files dataitems is a menu tree


displays items almost like the component does

{include_code_listing /var/www/}

adding a custom sub component layout

(svn 788)

simply copy an existing default_*.php file in .../components/com_datafeeds/views/items/tmpl/ ; for example to default_better.php, the new layout should appear in the drop downbox in the menu configuration.


adding a compleet component layout

Copy all files




and edit the files.

This method should  work for all joomla component. There is a specific change for this component:

in the file default.xml, copied to yourname.xml you will find base='default' (twice), change this to base='yourname'