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How to change the 'read more' and 'currency' strings?

Language Override

The easiest method to change the values of the 'currency' and 'read more' is to create a language override in the adminstrator (administrator/index.php?option=com_languages&view=overrides) and add the language constants DATAFEEDS_CURRENCY and DATAFEEDS_READ_MORE for the site with the desired text.

Editing the Layout

A more flexible way to alter a layout used with the component or module is to create a joomla template override. There are a lot of tutorials on the internet to help you with this.

You can create an override within the joomla adminstrator. Or using ftp or the file manager of your hosting-admin.

For the component

  • copy from: components/com_datafeeds/views/items/tmpl/
  • copy to: templates/<your template>/html/com_datafeeds/items/

For the module

  • copy from: modules/mod_datamenu/tmpl/
  • copy to: templates/<your template>/html/mod_datamenu/

Or create a new layout. Simply copy an existing layout, for example default_full.php, to a new name, for example default_mine.php. You can create the new file in the tmpl directory within the component or module next to the existing ones. Or in the overrides folders as shown above

To change the strings look for the lines:


And change them as you like.