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mod_datamenu allows to add extra text, keywords and descriptions to product pages.

  1. Add a new module to you joomla site, use mod_datamenu with the layout 'Article' or 'Artikel'
  2. Add new content to your site, thus add a joomla article. The article is mapped to your com_datafeeds menu using the article alias. The other settings are not relevant for mod_datamenu

The article alias is your joomla menu's alias + the page slug, replacing the slashes with dashes.

To add text to:

Use products-gardening-ponds as article alias



The module will display unpublished articles as well, this is intended, it allows to add articles not showing on your normal site

It will display trashed articles as well, this is not intented.

It is  not possible to modify single items using the administrator interface.