Setting the component language

The first version of the component addressed the Dutch affiliate market, therefor most text strings are still in Dutch. The component has an English language file but if your backend or frontend language is different you will see a lot of Dutch text. To change  the text to English (and your own language) do the following:

  1. Copy the file language/en-GB/en-GB.com_datafeeds.ini into the directory of your own language xx-YY/xx-YY.com_datafeeds.ini on the server.
  2. Put the file in  administrator/language/xx-YY as well

To translate:

  1. Translate the strings in xx-YY/xx-YY.com_datafeeds.ini
  2. Send the translated file to :)

Setting the string in the administrator to English is in progress 

Setting the front end strings

The strings and the currency sign used on the front end can/must be customised in the menu configuration. The picture below depicts the locations of the strings, on the front page and in the menu.


The front page

In the menu config


Depending in how you use the component it might be neccessary to change some strings in the component settings as well ( thus not the component menu settings,please blame joomla for this one)