How to import affiliate feeds as joomla content

The datafeeds component does not provide a method to import affiliate feeds directly as jooma content (yet).



Affiliate feeds mostly contains large amounts of data, categorized in multiple levels. Joomla only has two levels to categorize articles. Although there are extensions allowing tagging.

Another problem is htat joomla iisnot designed to handle several thousands of articles, ( can be done sure).  Same holds for the tagging extensions, these (probably) can't handle large numbers of tags. Wordpress for example will choke on a category tree containing a couple of thousand tags (the editor goes down first).


But importing small sets of data for example top-10 feeds might be feasible.  Plus comment on this article if you would like the functionality.




Based on the same parser ( and using the same parser settings ) the datafeeds2rss tool convert affilaite feeds into rss feeds. This can be used together with a rss import like feedgator:


  1. Use the joomla administrator to configure the affiliate feed.
  2. Use the XML link (up left) to download the configuration
  3. Upload the xml file to your datafeeds2rss installation.
  4. Use feedgator to import