Convert Affiliate Datafeeds to RSS Feeds

This free tool converts affiliate datafeeds into RSS format to import into your website or blogging software. Examples are the feedapi module for drupal or the wp-o-matic for wordpress. Or pipe it thru feedburner


  • The datafeeds2rss converter converts CSV and XML affiliate datafeeds into RSS feeds.
  • Converts datafeeds fields into rss category fields for mapping.
  • Datafeeds2rss is a serverside tool based on php
  • Ability to add extra (non rss) fields for taxonomy and categories

This converter is an addon to the datafeed parser used in the datafeeds for joomla component. The converter is new and under developement.

The Datafeed 2 RSS is a CMS independent stand alone script; unlike the joomla component it is not meant to be used with any specific software - its only purpose is to convert CSV and xml datafeed files into RSS format.

This converter is free to use



  • Download the zip, unpack and put the contents on your webserver.
  • or download the development snapshot from subversion
  • ensure the install directory is writeable (mode 755) for the webserver or create a cache dir writeable for the webserver manually
  • copy/rename the file parser/feeds-exampe.php to parser/feeds.php

Test drive

  • Point your web-browser to the datafeeds2rss directory. For example if you have placed the folder datafeeds2rss in the root directory of the site, it should be https://your-website/datafeeds2rss/. You should see : nothing
  • Point your webbrowser to https://your-website/datafeeds2rss/?feed=kras-example or https://your-website/datafeeds2rss/?feed=sunweb-example. If it works correct you should see : a nice travel rssfeed. Loading might take a moment the first time while the datafeed is fetched
  • Reload, you should see a different set of trips.
  • Or try https://your-website/datafeeds2rss/?feed=topvintage-example for fashion
  • Make the installation directory unwritable for the webserver (mode 755)


Almost all datafeeds even datafeeds from one affiliate company  differ. Each datafeed must be configured. That's the tricky part.

  • Copy empty.php to YOURFEED.php
  • Put the name of the feed in 'feed'
  • Put the datafeed url in 'feed_url'
  • Put the parser class in 'class'
  • what?
  • Each (xml) feed has it's own format and therefor needs it's own parser. Check the table below. For CSV feeds only the first two will work.
  • Now point your browser to https://your-website/datafeeds2rss/?feed=YOURFEED&show_fields
  • This should show the available fields in the feed. For starters the fields 'title', and 'href' are the most important. 'title' is the title of the item in the datafeed commonly used names in the datafeed are 'producttitle' and 'name'. 'href' is the product deeplink, commonly used names are 'url','href','deeplink' and 'producturl'.
  • Load https://your-website/datafeeds2rss/?feed=YOURFEED&freq=1, this should re-fetch the datafeed.
  • Statisfied? Use https://your-website/datafeeds2rss/?feed=YOURFEED to load the rss feed into your web application

As an alternativ your can install joomla and the datafeeds component. Use this one for configuring and testing feeds. The joomla component allows exporting the configuration as an xml file. This files can be used as input for the datafeeds2rss converter.


Auto rotation

Rss readers, importers and agregators are not designed to handle large amounts of data. A typical rss feed is 20-50 items large. The datafeeds2rss converter limits the amount of items to 125 (default value). Each reload of a feed will show the next 125 items, until it loops.




This parser is not able to handle very large datafeeds. How large depends on your system ( execution time and memory settings).

Content management systems like wordpress and drupal are not designed to handle huge numbers of articles and categories. A  few thousand articles or a few hundred categories might set you up with a slow site.


Parser classes

AffiliateCSV generic CSV with ';' and '"'
M4NCSV generic CSV with tab and '"'
TradetrackerRSS Tradetracker XML
TradedoublerRSS Tradedoubler
ZanoxRSS Zanox
WebgainsRSS Webgains



This script can be downloaded for free, however support is not free. Please contact for a quote



  • admin panel for datafeesd configuration
  • datafeeds 2 html
  • datafeeds 2 wordpress