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Datafeeds content plugin

This plugin allows to load datafeed items into joomla articles like the loadposition (loadmodule) plugin does. This module however allows to pass a query to the module. This allows to display specific items.



Install the datafeeds content plugin and enable it.

Download link

Check that the plugin is enabled.

Create a new Datafeeds module

The plugin needs a module to work with.

the module is created as any (datafeeds ) module with some important settings:

  1. assign the module a position not used in your template (A)
  2. ensure the ID is set, pointing the the datafeeds menu item you want to use. (B)
  3. you must use a layout with the _items suffix. (C) For example the flexbox_items layout. You can change or add layouts using joomla overrides.


Use the {loaddf <position>} shortcode

Now you can insert the {loaddf ...} into your articles.

first try {loaddf <position>}. Replace <position> with the used position (incontent in the example above)

the article should now show the items as configured in the module. See the example above.

You can reuse the module multiple times, even on the same page

Building the query

query the feed

qf="feed name"

query the title

q1="item title"

query a keyword


Note that by default the datafeeds component does not query title or description.

query a menu level

q[1-9]="Exact category value"

The q1 to q9 parameters reflect the menu levels used in the menu configuration and not the field1 to field19 fields in the feed configurations. 

(You may leave the 'url' style  spaces where a '+' represents a space.  This saves some hassle when copy-pasting values from an url)


The easiest method to create the queries is to navigate your datafeeds menu item. 

A URL like

translates to {loaddf <position> q1='joomla'}

On this website, menu level 4 contains whether the book is an e-book, so showing e-books only:

translates to {loaddf <position> q4='ja'}

or a specific book by title:

{loaddf <position> qt="gids+bij+marktonderzoek"}

    The module controls the sort order. A second module with a different position was added to show the newest books (Sort on Added)