Site setup : Introduction

The following pages will depict the setup of a complete joomla affiliatefeeds site

The description is for a site with two groups :

fashion and accommodation with each two feeds.



Below some terms that might cause confusion even before starting.


Each feed can be placed into a group, other names might be ‘main category’ or  ‘topic’, in the feed configuration this group appears as ‘Select0’ and ‘menu_0’


With the module mod_datamenu (extensions->module manager) you can create selection menu’s these menu’s will be referred to as module-menu’s. The component itself is addressed using joomla menu’s using the menus section of the administrator.


Most advertisers offer a single feed with their product catalogue. Each feed is unique identified using it’s name in the feed configuration. In the joomla menu’s configuration this name can be found as ‘merchant’, in the callback functions the feedname will appear as ‘feed’

(The parser used by the component has some history and is used for other purposes. As a result naming is not always consistent.)


Joomla supports to use one or more site template ( directory /templates ) for your joomla site. although not used in many components joomla supports different layouts for different 'views' of the component, com_datafeeds allows to select different layouts from the configuration menu.  For com_datefeeds these layouts are stored in /components/com_datafeeds/views/items/tmpl ( thus in a directory called template). Also joomla allows to override layout for a specific template be putting a custom layout in /templates//html/... . More information

Let’s go

Configuration of the component has two parts

  1. Configuring feeds for import into the database
  2. Configuring one or more joomla menu’s to display the data from the database.