Pro license


Support is taking way to much time to keep doing for free. You may still try to ask a question and I probably will send an answer. However paid work, family life and nice weather might prevent a prompt answer. You can solve the first issue by obtaining a pro-license.

The component is still for free

What you get

  • A grateful developer
  • Hints and tips for hidden features, like custom title, full title and description search, click-out page
  • Access to the pro forum.
  • Example templates for the siblings and merchant logo feature ( on request )

What you don't get

It is impossible to give you endless hours of support for the relative small amount of the pro license. Their is support for the endless hidden en unclear features of the component but you won't get extented support like custom parsers, component and module support or hands on support. You can get a live session with skype and/or teamviewer but not as part of the pro license.

How much?

52.50 euro excluding 21% VAT / 65.00 including 21% VAT


payment details

(requires registration, you will need an account anyway)

Revenue sharing

If you are looking  more long term support, cooperation based on revenue sharing could be an interesting option