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Display Pinterest Images In Joomla

This simple joomla extension displays  pinterest images from  the RSS feed from

Either all pins or just a boards pins can be shown.



  • The layout is very basic, to customize simple copy the file mod_rsspins/tmpl/default.php to mod_rsspins/tmpl/<yourname>.php or use joomla's template override.
  • CSS should be added to the templates CSS files.
  • The RSS feed from pinterest provides  rather small fixed width images, the height varies. Optionally you can use a thumb script to resize the images.
  • With the option 'Fetch large image' the module shows the large images from pinterest. The large image url is created from the thumbs url based on the current naming convention.
  • Please use caching, the module caches by default.

Demo 1 With images resized

Demo 2

 Feedback and feature request are welcome


Populair posts with analytics

CMS systems like joomla and wordpress provide some kind of 'most visited pages' statistics. However these counters are quite limited. In joomla for example you can get the total count but not the most popular pages of for example last week.

There are plug-ins and extension that do a more detailed job however most sites are already using an analytics tool like google analytics or piwik to track a website. Wouldn't it be great to use there stats to display a most popular list?


Piwik has a nice and relative simple accessible API to query the statistics. So it seems a easy task: give me the pages-urls and page-titles of the most frequent visited pages of the last x-days. Unfortunately you can't query for that. You can get either all page urls or all page titles. So to display the most popular pages you have either to sort them by URL or by TITLE. On a well organized site all titles should be unique so first searching for the most popular pages by title and then getting the most popular url for each given title should give a nice list of most frequently visited pages, although it might not be very accurate.

To start I created a basic script to do exaclty that : fetch the top x pages of a site


For a test drive unpack the zip, put the .php file on a server and load it into your browser. You should see a top list of

To get your own site change the URL, token and siteid.

SetSegment allows to define segmentation, so you could get pages from a certain part of your site only. Or the top pages visited by users converting a goal etc.

Caching: please be aware that the script is quite heavy, the top 10 pages will result in eleven queries to your piwik site. By default the cache time is set to 6 hours. The populair pages are retrieved for one or more days, so a short cache time doesn't make much sence



Already in joomla

Next step joomla/wordpress plugings





Betaal info

Je kunt een support licentie afnemen door 53,55 euro over te maken op bankrekening 112876730 t.n.v. Gryla B.V. Deventer.

Gelieve je (bedrijfs)naam te vermelden in de betaling en je factuurgegevens te mailen. Na ontvangst van de betaling ontvang je een factuur en toegang tot het pro forum.

Payment details

  • If you have a non-dutch EU (billing) address and the invoice is for a company with a valid VAT number the price is 52.50 euro.
  • If you have a EU address and you are not a company yhe price is 65 euro Due to the even more complicated EU rules.
  • If you have a non-EU address  the price is 52,50 euro.
  • Voor nederlandse zie onder
  • If you are from anywhere and you do not require an invoice and you pay by paypal the price is 50 euro

For an invoice please email me your details, you will receive an invoice after payment. For EU companies or anyone outside the EU only, No invoices are send to non-companies within the EU


Paypal :

Bank transfer: IBAN: NL14 KNAB 0741 4233 24

Voor Nederlanders

Je kunt een support licentie afnemen door 65,00 euro over te maken op bankrekening NL14 KNAB 0741 4233 24 t.n.v.  Deventer.
Gelieve je (bedrijfs)naam te vermelden in de betaling en je factuurgegevens te mailen. Na ontvangst van de betaling ontvang je een factuur en toegang tot het pro forum.

Je kunt het ook via paypal overmaken :

Pro license


Support is taking way to much time to keep doing for free. You may still try to ask a question and I probably will send an answer. However paid work, family life and nice weather might prevent a prompt answer. You can solve the first issue by obtaining a pro-license.

The component is still for free

What you get

  • A grateful developer
  • Hints and tips for hidden features, like custom title, full title and description search, click-out page
  • Access to the pro forum.
  • Example templates for the siblings and merchant logo feature ( on request )

What you don't get

It is impossible to give you endless hours of support for the relative small amount of the pro license. Their is support for the endless hidden en unclear features of the component but you won't get extented support like custom parsers, component and module support or hands on support. You can get a live session with skype and/or teamviewer but not as part of the pro license.

How much?

52.50 euro excluding 21% VAT / 65.00 including 21% VAT


payment details

(requires registration, you will need an account anyway)

Revenue sharing

If you are looking  more long term support, cooperation based on revenue sharing could be an interesting option

Internal server error

Internal Server Error

On some servers, when running the component you get a message like

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete
your request.
Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred,
and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.
More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

This usually only occurs when importing feeds, either when hitting the apply (1.5) or save(1.7) button or when running the import/cron.

This error message is mostly related to server configuration or security problems, for example:

  1. typos in the .htaccess,
  2. file permission issues,
  3. disallowed usage of ini_set and similar,
  4. usage of incorrectly blocked functionality like remote opening of files

From a security point of view it is excellent that the server does not reveal the real problem it's quite a challenge to solve these kind of errors. Actually it is close to impossible or very time consuming.

To find the real problem  get into the error log of your server often available in your servers admin panel.

For the point above

  1. com datafeeds does not change the .htaccess so this shouldn't cause problems
  2. some servers require the permissions of the files/directories site to 644/755. some even require correct ownership. That might be a problem when ftp'ing files. (and see point 4 as well)
  3. the component does a few ini_sets however the server should simply ignore them. or raise warnings only.
  4. the component does external file requests using the url_file_open permission. If it is not allowed the component reverts to curl trying to  write the files to disk first. That might cause file permission issues. If the host blocks the request incorrectly it might cause a server error.


Requirement test.

Under System requirements there is a small script to test your server.




Google sitemaps

The component has a build in feature to generate google sitemaps

url the generate a sitemap of sitemaps:





This sitemap of sitemaps contains the links to the sitemaps for each datafeeds menu item. The general syntax for a sitemap for a single menu is

https://website/index.php?option=com_datafeeds&view=items&format=xmlmap&Itemid=<menu id>

site map depth

The sitemap will show an url for each menu on each menu level defined in the menu configuration. Google will not parse sitemaps containing over 50.000 pages. To limit the number of levels added to the sitemap and therefor reducing the number of pages in the sitemap use the parameter depth xml map in the menu configuration


Datafeeds 4 Joomla 1.7

Development for Joomla 1.7 is ongoing.

There is an installer for joomla 1.7.

Joomla 1.7 installer

This contains both the component en module, the joomla-search plugin in not included and  probably never will (use com_datafeeds search).


Full installer

This installer combines joomla with the datafeeds component and example feeds and menu's like this site.

This is installer is highly recommended to get started.

joomla 1.7 bugs and issues

Joomla 1.7 (live) site.  A simple site but it shows all the elements of the component: the component itself, module with a 'menu', 'list' and 'custom' templates.


Adding text, keywords and descriptions using mod_datamenu

New location

{jcomments off}

mod_datamenu allows to add extra text, keywords and descriptions to product pages.

  1. Add a new module to you joomla site, use mod_datamenu with the layout 'Article' or 'Artikel'
  2. Add new content to your site, thus add a joomla article. The article is mapped to your com_datafeeds menu using the article alias. The other settings are not relevant for mod_datamenu

The article alias is your joomla menu's alias + the page slug, replacing the slashes with dashes.

Read more …Adding text, keywords and descriptions using mod_datamenu

Tweaking the SEF url's

How to get rid of the '2-', 'q-' and 't-' in the SEF urls?

short answer

you can't

long answer

the url contains vital information to display the correct items from your database. The keywords in the url must match the location of the keyword in the database. Therefore you can't simply remove the numbers in the url. Same goes for the title parameter ( 't-'), it indicates that the query is on the title and not a category, and the 'q-' indicating a com_datafeeds search.

There are options to remove some of the unwanted parameters, however there is no generic solution. Below is a brief  description on how to customize the template.

Removing the t-

In the module and component templates you will find the code used to generate the url to a product (title), example:

$product_url=JRoute::_( $this->where['baselink']."&". make_urlencoded(array("qt"=>$item['title'])));

(not all templates have a product link, and the code might differ look for the qt)

Create a new template and create your own url to replace to old one:


Now add a rule to your .htaccess

RewriteRule /?Product/(.*) index.php?option=com_datafeeds&view=items&Itemid=2&qt=$1&q1= [QSA]

where the '2' must be changed to the correct menu item id and the empty q1 is to fool the joomla router

Tweaking other fields

The same can be achieved for single fields, for example a list of 'Brands' on a fashion site, url :


in the menu configuration the field Select9 is mapped to the menu level 6, so the rewrite rule becomes:

Rewriterule /?Merk/(.*) index.php?option=com_datafeeds&view=items&Itemid=4&q6=$1&q1= [QSA]


Removing the q-

you can't with modifying core code

Removing the numeric id

you can't

The URI of a com_datafeeds menu defines the input for the database query. Each position in the URI maps to a field defined in the menu configuration. If the path is complete there will be no numbers:

If the URI contains gaps the numbers are needed to map correctly, in the example mapping the keyword 'Adidas' to the menu level 3:

to avoid the numbers:

  1. do not use the module template 'search', 'ajax' and similar pull-down menu's
  2. when using the default menu module template  ( and similar ) set levels to 1, this suppresses direct links to deeper menu levels.

Whenever a keyword contains a dash, the numeric value is added as well, due to joomla core behaviour.