Comments on product items

People over at joomlatune created a nice component to comment on articles and even better it allow to comment on anything using the simple API.


it's not a big issue to enable commenting on single item's but it is quite difficult to make it perfect:


jcomment assumes that all articles/items are unrelated, but in product feeds an item (product) might appear several times, for example the same hotel from different travel-agency's.


Often identical items/product have the same title, but different feeds might have different names for them. And on the other hand items with the same name might be very different.



Scenario One

All items are unique, despite identical titles


Demo site with datafeeds using jcomment


You need:

  • jcomment :)
  • a recent version of the datafeeds component (788)
  • the jcomment com_datafeeds plugin. Save as php in the plugings directory of com_jcomment
  • the com_datafeeds layout. Save as php file in com_datafeeds/views/items/tmpl. Change the layout in the menu configuration of the com_datafeeds menu item (twice)



Scenario Two

All items with the same title are treaded as a single to comment on