affiliate feeds commision junction

It is possible to use the datafeeds component to display the product feeds from commission junction using the CSV format. Versions 798 and newer support the gzipped format of the downloads. This website shows a few feeds. The cj feeds really lack some decent categories.



CJ datafeeds require a password. Visit the services section in the CJ account manager. click the link Generate a new CJ HTTP password. You should recieve a username and password in your mailbox.

GZ compression

Commision Junction feeds are gz compressed. This is supported by the component however not enabled in older versions. To enable gz support add :


to the callbacks file (feeds.php).


For each feed, click the Create Product Export' button

  • select CSV format , quoted (comma separated) or TAB will work fine.
  • select CJ HTTP
  • select a catalog
  • Save


You should receive a confirmation email. That one can be ignored. After some time ( might take hours) you should receive another email with the download link, like:


You need to add the username and email from the first mail :


The url goes into the feed url of the feed configuration. Use the CSV , and " parser. Click Apply and fill the field selections


CJ Semininairs

Commission Junction Offers Publisher Training including some seminairs about datafeeds. (17 & 18)