using Product Feeds from Google Affiliate Network

The component works fine with the CSV Product Feeds from the Google Affiliate Network.

Two problems You cannnot fetch the feeds directly from, they will ftp the feeds to your server and the files are zipped.

getting the files

Setup an ftp account on your server and enter the required data in the Product Feeds Setup within the Google Affiliate Network (subscriptions -> products ).

After google transferred the data you can use full file path in the feed configuration insteadd of an url. The location of the file depends on the settings made on your server and in the Feeds Setup at google. For a cpanel managed website a typicall location could be:


unzipping the files

unlike gzipped files, php does have a builtin function to parse zipped files on the fly. Same problem applies as with the share-a-sale files, the parser must unzip the container.

A parser class is available for license users

To solve : encoding

Example dog supplies