The component works fine with the CSV Product Feeds from the Google Affiliate Network.

Two problems You cannnot fetch the feeds directly from, they will ftp the feeds to your server and the files are zipped.

getting the files

Setup an ftp account on your server and enter the required data in the Product Feeds Setup within the Google Affiliate Network (subscriptions -> products ).

After google transferred the data you can use full file path in the feed configuration insteadd of an url. The location of the file depends on the settings made on your server and in the Feeds Setup at google. For a cpanel managed website a typicall location could be:


unzipping the files

unlike gzipped files, php does have a builtin function to parse zipped files on the fly. Same problem applies as with the share-a-sale files, the parser must unzip the container.

A parser class is available for license users

To solve : encoding

Example dog supplies

This page  tries to explain the usage of callback functions. callbacks are php-functions used to filter and manipulate feed data. Each item in a feed is parsed  by the callback function. In the feed configuration the default callback is set to generic_cb. You can change this to your own functions. Callback functions go into the feeds.php script, there is a 'edit callbacks' tab/link in the menu's


Netaffiliation productfeeds ( Catalogues ) are supported. The  feeds can be found under 'Tools' in the webmaster area of the Netaffiliation website.

New location




The shareasale network provides CSV (piped) formated datafeeds. Adding the feeds to the component could be very straightforward, unfortunately the share a sale feeds have some issue's:

Getting the affilinet feeds

Downloading the affilinet feeds requires a key/password, but the link created when clicking on the poduct search->product lists (url) gives the wrong password  resulting in a 'wrong credentials'.

The CSV links on this page look like :

Go to account->technical settings->csv settings->CSV product data. (url). One the bottom you will find a password ( or generate one), replace KEY the with this one. Or use the link just above the password to download a list of al productfeeds.

put the producturl in the 'feed url' of the feed configuration select the correct class ( most likely CSV ; ") and click apply.


affilinet feed of feeds

To use the affilinet feed of feeds you need your CSV password. (SVN:950)


Login into affilinet and visit the page : techSettingsProducts

at the bottom you should find the password. Enter this password in the dialogbox in the administrator or save in the preferences.

Curl and redirect issue.

When using curl combined with some security settings ( safe_mode and/or open_baseir) you might have problems downloading the feed: affilnet is redirecting the feeds and your server settings do not allow this. Please copy and paste the url into your webbrowser, and copy the RESULTING url back.  becomes

just a note

Affilinet sucks big time on their feeds ( at least affilinet-NL), it's a big encoding mess. While most networks got it sorted out, affilinet is still in kindergarden.

It is possible to use the datafeeds component to display the product feeds from commission junction using the CSV format. Versions 798 and newer support the gzipped format of the downloads. This website shows a few feeds. The cj feeds really lack some decent categories.



CJ datafeeds require a password. Visit the services section in the CJ account manager. click the link Generate a new CJ HTTP password. You should recieve a username and password in your mailbox.

GZ compression

Commision Junction feeds are gz compressed. This is supported by the component however not enabled in older versions. To enable gz support add :


to the callbacks file (feeds.php).


For each feed, click the Create Product Export' button

  • select CSV format , quoted (comma separated) or TAB will work fine.
  • select CJ HTTP
  • select a catalog
  • Save


You should receive a confirmation email. That one can be ignored. After some time ( might take hours) you should receive another email with the download link, like:


You need to add the username and email from the first mail :


The url goes into the feed url of the feed configuration. Use the CSV , and " parser. Click Apply and fill the field selections


CJ Semininairs

Commission Junction Offers Publisher Training including some seminairs about datafeeds. (17 & 18)



Character encodings are a major issue when dealing with datafeeds. Quite often feeds are incorrectly encoded, feeds are encoded twice, older versions of PHP do not support UTF8 (multi-byte) correctly, same for old versions of mysql. In mysql the settings of the collation is important, for joomla this should be set to utf8.

Many feeds have some kind of 'problems'. This pagee depicts some common issue's on solutions

Splitting Stuff

Many feeds have a complete tree in the 'category' instead of splitting their categories nicely for you. For example (from a tradedoubler CSV feed)

merchantcategoryname Donna > Scarpe > Derby

You can't assign this merchantcategoryname directly to Select1..Select3. The solution is using a callback function.

By default the callback function generic_cb is used. Instead of this function add and use a function splitting the category.


Supported Affiliatefeeds - selection

The first versions of this component targeted on the dutch affiliate marked. Nevertheless the component can be just with several international affiliate feeds like tradetracker, zanox, webgains, affilienet and basically any type of csv datafeed. Most of this site is still in dutch and the component has still some dutch leftovers, althought translations in English and German are part of the zip. Please feel free to email questions and report language issues.