Datafeeds content plugin

This plugin allows to load datafeed items into joomla articles like the loadposition ( loadmodule ) plugin does. This module however allows to pass a query to the module. This allows to display specific items.


{loaddf intext q1=Aruba}

Result ( result depends on used module layout)




install the datafeeds content plugin and enable it.

create a new datamenu module

the module is created as any (datamenu) module some important setting:

  1. assign the module a position not used in your template (intext in the example above)
  2. ensure the default ID is set, pointing the the datafeeds menu item you want to use.
  3. you must use a layout with the _items prefix. If you have a _list layout you can just copy that. Using menu's ( without prefix) should work as well.

Now you can insert the {loaddf ...} into your articles.

to test try {loaddf position} first. Replace position with the used position (intext in the example above)

the article should now show the items as configured in the module.

building the query

the query must be 'url' style thus space are represented using a '+'

query the feed


query the title


query a keyword


the query reflects the url query

query a category/menu level


The q1 to q9 parameters reflect the men levels used in the menu configuration and not the Select1-9 fields in the feed configurations. It are the same parameters you would see using non-sef urls.

This makes it easy to translate page urls to loaddf queries

A link like

would translate to:

{loaddf intext q1=accommodation q2=aruba}

Current limitations

  1. You can't use wildcards in the q1..q9, feed and title
  2. You can't query on multiple category values thus q1=france q1=spain will  not work. q1=france q2=paris will.
  3. wildcards are automatic added to keyword query ( as with the normal pages) making keyword queries expensive. it's recommended to use the with q[1-9] parameters q1=france q=kids



This is a paid plugin, (even for pro users.)

costs 60 euro excluding BTW/VAT that includes support for setup and a module layout on request ( technical no pixelperfect design/css )