CSV files

The component can import any CSV formatted file delimited with tab, ',', ';' or '|' and enclosed with '"' (optional). The CSV files must have a header row:


Trousers;Men;https://bladibla.com;httm://bladibal.com/a.jpg;Nice Jeans;bla di bla
T-shirts;Girls;https://bladibla.com/1.html;httm://bladibal.com/b.jpg;Nice too;bla di bla


The bare minimum for a productfeed is a title, however this is not a really useful feed.

Not that the 'auto detect' for the parser class in the feed configuration does not work for CSV files, select a parser manually.

Adding XML Feeds

Several networks provide XML feeds. They can be used with the importer however each type of XML formatted feed requires a dedicated parser. However one of the existing XML parsers might cover your feed. Otherwise you need to create your own parser