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How to fix encoding issues

Most productfeeds are UTF-8 encoded.   Some, csv, feeds might be Windows-1252 or ISO-8859-1 encoded.  Sometimes , csv or xml, file contains text that is double encoded. In all situations, the text might appear garbled on your site. Mostly only everything that is special like the euro-sign, €,...

Creating a custom parser

The component does support the major formats of CSV files. Using the mapping in feed configuration any CSV file (with a header row) should work. Problem might be that the 'description' field has a different name, and there is no mapping for the description. This can be solved easily using a callb...

Performance issues

Size matters, depending on your web server there are limitations on the amount of items you can have in your database or what size the productfeeds can be. How big really depends on the server.

automatic import using cron jobs

For automatic updating the feeds you will need to call the feedcron periodically. On unix style systems this is usually done using a cronjob. Most hosting providers allow to set up some cron. There are two options calling the webpage using w g e t, curl or lynx. Or using the CLI version of php. ...

Using share a sale productfeeds

The shareasale network provides CSV (piped) formated datafeeds. Adding the feeds to the component could be very straightforward, unfortunately the share a sale feeds have some issue's: they don't have a header row the are zipped instead of gzipped ( must be windows people over their) using...

Importing unique items/avoiding duplicates

Depending on the kind of feed you have there might be a lot of duplicates in your feed, for example the same travel trip with different departure dates, or widgets being identical except for the color. Depending on your needs you want to skip or actually import these nearly duplicate items. The...

Adding tradetracker feeds


Adding webgains feeds

Preparation for webgains a username and password are required to download the feeds. It's best to add an extra user for this. Follow the link 'Manage Users' under 'Account' in the menu bar. Pick a nice username and password and select the access level 'none ( no login)'