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Adding affiliate window feeds

Feeds from affiliatewindow (AW) work fine with the component.  AW feeds are always compressed using zip or gzip format. The component does support de gzip format, however you need to enable it by adding: define('USE_GZOPEN',true); (only old version)

to the callback script ( use the edit link in the administrator or edit the feeds.php using a shell or ftp program)

On the right side of the AW main window there is a datafeed link, this will open a new window ( the create-a-feed link does the same).


(the first time a api key will be generated, this might lock the window, try reloading)



The screen allows to create a filter, it is recommended to have a single merchant in a feed. Clicking the ' select merchants' gives a list of a merchants. Ensure to select approved merchant only.


After selecting the merchant and optionally adding Categories or Brands filter click next.

Select the CSV format and gzip encoding. Both comma and piped format is suported ensure to select the correct on in the feed configuration later.


Copy the datafeed url ( no need to download). Go to the joomla datafeeds administrator, select 'Add feed' or 'New'. Paste the url in the 'feed url' fieldd, enter a feed name (name of the merchant) and select the correct CSV class ( here ' , & " '; auto detect does not work correctly for AW feeds). Hit Apply, now the right side should show example data. Map the feed using the 'Field selection' on the left side, Save and run the cron.