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Adding content to the datafeeds pages

Mod_datamenu allows to add extra text, meta tags and page titles to single datafeeds pages.

For example, this gardening page has a customized meta-description and (the same) text in the lower left part of the page.

Step one

adding a mod_datamenu module

Create a new mod_datamenu module using the 'extensions -> module mangager' in the joomla administrator. On the right select 'Article' ( artikel in older versions) as your layout. On the left assign it a title and module position.


Step two

adding and mapping content

To map articles to datafeeds pages the datafeeds page slug is used. This slug is used as  article alias when creating an article.

The page slug is the part of the url starting with the menu-alias.The menu alias is defined in the joomla-menu settings of the datafeeds page.

From the slug only the string parts are used. Replace slashes '/', spaces ' ' and pluses '+' with dashes '-' and remove any query parameters from the url including the numbers and t- and q- tokens used in the datafeeds sef url.

You can find the alias in the source code of your html page in the head section and it looks like

<meta name="x-data-36" content="shop-antillen" />


Now create a new joomla article, use the string in content as alias


 It's a good idea to create a article category for the SEO  articles

 The component does not allow to manually modify single items, although changes can be performed using import filters.