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Searching the items

The component does not use the native joomla search or smart-search. Main reason for this is performance.

You can search any dataitems menu page using the ?q= parameter. So if you wan't to search your Finish  accomodations having the term 'Sauna' you would use somethinf like

For your visitors you will need a searchbox, this searchbox can be found as one of the mod_datamenu's layouts : searchbox_custom ( search17_custom in older versions). This searchbox adds the text value as ?q= query parameter.

As any other mod_datamenu module this searchbox requires a dataitems menu to point to, so it's only displayed on pages with a dataitems-menu and will only search the dataitems presented in the current active menu. This behaviour is consistent with the navigation menu's, that only show the navigation for the current menu as well.

If you have several menu's and you want to search all items at once you will need a dataitems-menu showing all items at once. To create a menu showing all items simply create a new menu leaving all filters empty.

Now to point the mod_datamenu to that menu take the ID ( it's on the right hand site in the menu manager) and enter it as 'default id' in the module configuration using a minis sign. So if the menu-ID is 220 use -220 as default id.

If you omit the minus sign, the module will point to the current menu item whenever on a dataitems menu page, and to the default-id's menu on other pages. This allows to have the searchbox (or any other mod_datamenu module) on any joomla page pointing to a valid dataitems menu.







  • There is a module layout called 'search' this is a dropdown style navigation, not a searchbox
  • Searching the descriptions and titles is a pro feature