This page  tries to explain the usage of callback functions. callbacks are php-functions used to filter and manipulate feed data. Each item in a feed is parsed  by the callback function. In the feed configuration the default callback is set to generic_cb. You can change this to your own functions. Callback functions go into the feeds.php script, there is a 'edit callbacks' tab/link in the menu's


Netaffiliation productfeeds ( Catalogues ) are supported. The  feeds can be found under 'Tools' in the webmaster area of the Netaffiliation website.

Almost all datafeeds contain links to images, located on the server of the merchant, a CDN or at the networks servers. You might want to host the images on your own server:

  1. A lot of external images might be a trigger voor google
  2. Sometimes the images are ridiculous large
  3. Even with images of decent size, resizing them using an image library like GD gives better quality then using  html/css

Fetching the images during feed parsing is not a good idea, it will take a lot of time, and with a bit of bad luck the merchants server will block your IP for abuse. A better option is to fetch and store the images when needed with a technique similar to 404-caching

The component allows to modify the image url used in the components and modules templates

license users  can obtain code examples.



New location




The shareasale network provides CSV (piped) formated datafeeds. Adding the feeds to the component could be very straightforward, unfortunately the share a sale feeds have some issue's:

The component can import any CSV formatted file delimited with tab, ',', ';' or '|' and enclosed with '"' (optional). The CSV files must have a header row:

The importer ( feedcron.php ) contains a high load protection.

Getting the affilinet feeds

Downloading the affilinet feeds requires a key/password, but the link created when clicking on the poduct search->product lists (url) gives the wrong password  resulting in a 'wrong credentials'.

The CSV links on this page look like :

Go to account->technical settings->csv settings->CSV product data. (url). One the bottom you will find a password ( or generate one), replace KEY the with this one. Or use the link just above the password to download a list of al productfeeds.

put the producturl in the 'feed url' of the feed configuration select the correct class ( most likely CSV ; ") and click apply.


affilinet feed of feeds

To use the affilinet feed of feeds you need your CSV password. (SVN:950)


Login into affilinet and visit the page : techSettingsProducts

at the bottom you should find the password. Enter this password in the dialogbox in the administrator or save in the preferences.

Curl and redirect issue.

When using curl combined with some security settings ( safe_mode and/or open_baseir) you might have problems downloading the feed: affilnet is redirecting the feeds and your server settings do not allow this. Please copy and paste the url into your webbrowser, and copy the RESULTING url back.  becomes

just a note

Affilinet sucks big time on their feeds ( at least affilinet-NL), it's a big encoding mess. While most networks got it sorted out, affilinet is still in kindergarden.