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Joomla 5.0 Version

This version is not 100% backward compatibility issues with the Joomla 4 version.

Latest version for Joomla 5:

PHP Version >= 8.1.0

The latest Joomla 4 versions should work in Joomla 5, with the Behaviour - Backward Compatibility plugin enabled.

Migration from the Joomla 4 version

The Joomla upgrade process kindly deletes old files and folder like the 'views' and 'helpers' folder, ensure you have a backup of these if they contain local modifications.

Anyhow, when upgrading is best done in a development environment.

  • Template overrides with the component are now in .../html/datafeeds/dataitems, was  .../html/datafeeds/items.
    • The view changes as well, however the upgrade process should take care of this.
  • Template overrides with the module are now in .../html/mod_datafeeds, was  .../html/mod_datamenu.
  • Module layouts are written with a dash ('-'), was underscore ('_').
    • The upgrade process will take care of the module name. The layouts must be renamed manually and set in the module manager.
  • If you are using custom settings in xhelpers or xrouter, you will need to rewrite these in:
    • components/com_datafeeds/src/Helper/DatafeedsHelper.php
    • components/com_datafeeds/src/Service/Router.php
  • items_id from the #__dataitems table is now 'id'
  • feed_id from the #__datafeeds table is now 'id'

Joomla 4.x Versions

Latest version for Joomla 4:

PHP Version >= 8.1.0

Moving from the packages with version number 4. ( or 400.) to a package with version number 420 might cause issues in your overrides.

The links are created with different functions and parameters. Check the examples in modules/tmpl for How-To's

It is recommended to test the update before moving to a production server.

The latest 4. version: 

Quick start

If you need help to get started please feel free to ask.

Joomla 3.x (legacy)

As joomla 3.x has reached end of life the component is not maintained for this version.

Joomla 2.5

As joomla 2.5 has reached end of life the component is not maintained for this version.


What are the differences?

Besides code cleanup and adaption to newer API functions there has been a major change in the database field names.

  • All Selectx and menu_x fields  are renamed to fieldx. The names are now consistent in both front end as the backend
  • Prijs is renamed to price
  • href, the product link, is renamed to url

What version to use?

If you are starting from scratch use the package version. 

If you are already using the older version you might want to use that version on newer sites as well.

How to migrate?

The new package should install over the old version, updating:

  • the database tables _dataitems and _datafeeds
  • updating your menu and module settings for com_datafeeds and mod_datamenu

You will have to change manually

  • update template overrides
  • update your code in feeds.php xrouter.php and xhelper.php

Code in template overrides is easily updated by changing the field names. In your files you will need to replace array references in objects like $item and $row:

  • rename all occurrences of Select[0-19] to field[0-19] (templates,xhelper,xrouter)
  • rename all occurrences of menu_[0-19] to field[0-19] (feeds.php)
  • rename all occurrences of Prijs to price 
  • rename all occurrences of href to url

Dont' forget to backup before switching!